Fund Pitchbook

Our creative team and research analysts team-up to develop customized institutional pitchbooks that delivers your message clearly and concisely to your potential investors.

A fund presentation or PowerPoint pitchbook is one of the most critical components of a firm’s marketing and communications efforts. A professional developed 20 to 30 page pitchbook identifies a firm, investment process, risk management, performance and summary statistics, fund terms and case studies to strengthen the storyline.

Each member of our team is an industry expert in their field in creating a custom and dynamic pitchbook PowerPoint presentation.

Our services cover all aspects of the development process including custom-branded design, content creation, custom illustration/models, and dynamic layout. Our team will ensure that each finished product conforms to industry standards and SEC regulations while reflecting a firm’s mission and marketing strategy. We deliver each product in a PowerPoint file format which can easily be managed and be updated by the your investor relations/ marketing team.

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Fund Website Design

Specializes in professional website design for investment funds, hedge funds and private equity. Our design team has years of experience in graphic design, website development, online marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Our New York based creative development group specializes in professional website design for hedge funds. Our design team has years of experience in graphic design, website development, online marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO).
Fund Website Design

We have created a wide range of website designs that are unique and custom tailored to each of our hedge fund and asset management clients. Whether you are launching a new hedge fund or an established fund, we can help brand and strengthen your online presence. “It’s the first impression that counts”, and so you want your website to be as clear and professional as possible.

Our free-standing platform is designed to provide our fund clients with an intuitive, secure and compliant website perfectly suited for the hedge fund marketplace. Features include:

  • Investor pre-qualifying questionnaire
  • Password protected website pages
  • Investor questionnaire & login
  • Full Admin control to update pages, approve investors, track investors
  • SEO and social media integration

Our Premium Sites include a robust investor management portal:

  • Private & secure investor portals
  • Secure file upload (statements) & download
  • Easily add investor and assign managers or staff
  • Intuitive file management & categorization
  • Remote file management
  • Private messaging

Our website packages are based on your needs and completely customized and range from the most basic to sites with individual investor portals for easy online statement access.

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