One of the most common document investors will request while performing due diligence on a investment fund (or hedge fund) is the Due Diligence Questionnaire (“DDQ”).

AIMA (The Alternative Investment Management Association) has published the industry benchmark for due diligence questionnaires (DDQs). Whether you are a start-up investment fund, currency fund, hedge fund, fund of funds, or an establish manager, having a completed DDQ is quintessential of any type of marketing efforts.

Most, if not all institutional investors, will request a copy for your DDQ. This allows potential investors to compare the many different funds in one organized and complete document. Most importantly many institutional investors have fashioned their Request for Proposals (RFPs) from the questions in the DDQ. Let us help you perfect your DDQ and begin your marketing process with institutional investors.

The typical DDQ may take a fund manager several days,if not weeks, to complete. FDR recognizes that, although the DDQ is a necessary tool for the Manager, it takes a considerable amount of your valuable time. FDR’s Team has the experience and knowledge to complete your DDQ quickly and accurately.

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