Whether  you are an established fund with a long track record, or a new fund and taking your initial steps in marketing, let us help you get started.

Our highly experienced team can help you build out your firm and fund’s profile on all the top Alternative Investment databases. This is the first and arguably most important step in establishing your firm and fund reputation. Many investors including Consultants, Fund of Funds, Insurance, Brokerages and High-Net-Worth Individuals rely heavily on these databases to source investment ideas.

The time and effort involved in adding your fund’s profile to the many databases can be overwhelming. We have the expertise to streamline this process for you. Focus your time on what you do best, and let us help you provide accurate and timely data to the databases.

All of the 21 databases are Hedge Fund specific. We only work with Hedge Funds, Fund of Funds and Equity Funds. The databases that we report to is divided into 3 categories, Consultant databases, Hedge Fund only databases and Niche databases.

Database Reporting Products

No. of Databases51018 to 21
Quantitative DataXXX
Qualitative DataXXX
Alternative DataXXX
12 Monthly UpdatesXXX
Full-service Data SubmissionXXX
Client SupportXXX
ISIN RegistrationXX
Bloomberg TickerXX
$3,000 Annually$5,000 Annually$9,000 Annually
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